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On the islands of polar marine climate, it obmywają cold sea currents and strong winds smagają (western wind zone), the total annual precipitation is about 600 mm (rainfall evenly distributed in the year, the lack of large rain), the mean monthly air temperature ranges from 4 ° C in July (winter) to 13 ° C in January (summer), extreme temperature to -8 ° C in winter and 24 ° C in summer. Often there is a sudden deterioration in weather conditions – with their due at the time of the Falklands War of 64 days of the conflict, including the 27 it was not possible to use aviation.

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When to Go

Migratory birds and mammals return to the Falklands beaches and headlands between October and March. December and January are the best months for wildlife watching, as the extended daylight hours provide ample viewing time as well as opportunity for other outdoor activities. However, December and January are also the wettest months, though rain falls throughout the year. October through April is the peak tourist season, but that’s not saying much.

Annual sports meetings are the islands other ‘wildlife’ attraction, with events including horse racing, bull riding and sheepdog trials. Stanley’s sports meetings take place December 26-27. ‘In camp’, that’s anywhere outside Stanley to locals, these sports meetings are usually held at the end of the shearing season (late February). Sea trout season runs from September through April, with the best fishing starting in late February.

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